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The Myth Of Magic Weight Loss Sleep Programs And Beds

Typically, I am not a fan of criticizing people nor companies, however, through criticizing them, I am giving them an opportunity to become better.

With this view in mind, I will always address an issue that I see as being unethical and has the potential, or it is hurting other people. This is the reason why I will focus on Multilevel nutrition companies/marketing supplements.

There are many aspects to criticize with such sleep study companies, firstly let’s start with a business standpoint.

To introduce the topic, its first important to understand the term “Multilevel marketing.” The term refers to a marketing strategy which involves compensating salespeople for the sales they make as well as compensating them for the sales that the salespeople they recruit make. In short, the marketing strategy is a pyramid scheme.

The goal of the person you signed up will then be to get more people to sign up to get their commission as well. However, many of the buyers will not buy the snoring products strictly as a consumer.

Any company that survives with this sort of marketing plan is illegitimate as no legit company will opt for such an option to sell their products. Multilevel marketing in a company should thus be a red flag.

Such companies are backed up by doctors who will use their credentials to convince people that they have the interests of the customer at heart. However, often such doctors are incompetent and or looking for a way to earn easy money. Often, the latter is the case.

To get an idea of how to spot such pyramid schemes below is a video to help you out.

Although the shady marketing is a bother, it cannot be compared to the product and sleep helping systems.

In the article, I will group the companies that carry out these practices rather than mention each of them. Mentioning them in a group is proffered because it is not wise to name them specifically and there are too many to mention thus those I may leave some out of the list. However, the traits below will enable you to identify each of them as they are all similar with very slight differences.

Typically, the process involves marketing the products as a revolutionary way that helps people lose weight. Also, the marketing will be accompanied by various video testimonials of people who used the drugs like melatonin and lost weight.

However, after buying the products, you will realize that you take supplements not only one, but they are a multitude of products that should be taken each day for 30 to 90 days.

The special products instead are overpriced supplements that can be purchased at half the price in online retailers.

To use their systems, the regulations may involve avoiding your daily meals for meal replacement drinks instead. The brands differ and may end up limiting your normal meal consumption to only once per day.

The system will reduce your calorie intake to around 500 calories per day diet while undertaking the program so that sleeping on your bed at night will be easier. This is not any different from the daily supplement routine which applies to anyone of any weight. If you find a dream cloud mattress coupon code, you should report it to use so that we can spread it to all of our networks. We have been having requests for discounts often and know that it will help our audience if they can get some better sleep.

More importantly, let it sink that you are consuming 500 calories per day. Even a five-month-old baby cannot live on that as they consume more than 500 calories per day.

Lack of long-term benefits

It is true that with the programs, you will be able to lose weight. However, the main challenge is the fact on how long you will be able to keep up with the program and keep off your favorite snacks.

To lose weight, the central concept is using a mathematic formula to be at a calorie deficit. If you are consuming less than 500 calories per day, you will obviously lose weight thus it’s a sure program. However, the main issue is the cost of taking part in such a practice?

It is essential to diet while balancing the number of calories gained and lost to lose weight. This plan is more efficient as it makes it easier to maintain the dieting behavior. Furthermore, dieting with 500 calories is very difficult as compared to dieting with a 2500 calorie count. Also, taking the much-needed calories helps preserve muscle tissue and metabolic function.

The company will always try to make the deal seem too good but as always, when it’s too good then it’s too good to be true. The reality is that after entering the deal, you will find it very hard to earn back the money you invested thus such sleep programs are often a way to lose money instead.

For those looking for long-term solutions, the 500 calorie diet combined with the 2 to 3 meal replacements per day is not a suitable option. The system is much of a weight gain program than a weight loss program.

The program will help you lose the weight, but immediately after, you will regain back all the weight and even add up to 10% extra. Instead of using a short-term system, to lose weight someone has to go through a lifestyle change. The lifestyle change should involve changing lifestyle habits for example through exercising more and eating better.

To add on to the list of cons on extremely low-calorie dieting is the adverse effects it creates on metabolism. By underfeeding, the body will create a metabolism to survive the situation. The body thus has a highly adaptable metabolism. For early humans, it was a great survival trait.

Dieting on very low calories results in down-regulation of metabolic rates to extremely low rates which would not have been there if a moderate calorie deficit plan was used instead.

The low metabolic rate will then kick up immediately after the plan when you start eating normally thus resulting in weight gain. The plan is thus a short-term solution.

Most companies will insist that you need to cleanse and detox. These are terms used to get people more involved in the program thus they spend more on their products. The companies will insist that detoxifying improves nutrients absorption and gastrointestinal health. The liver and kidney in the human body will take care of all the detoxification your body needs thus it should not be a problem.

The products are just a mixture of fiber and laxatives thus anything expelled by the body is not something that has accumulated on the walls of your intestines but is the products themselves.

Bottom line

Although many companies have approached me to resell their products and made convincing arguments, I still think its an unethical practice.

The only way to lose weight and have a long-term solution to the problem is combining exercise and restricting calories intake. Magic diets and supplements should never be the option for those who want a long-term solution.