March 17, 2012

Gear - running shorts

In the Princess half in 2012, I switched from capris to shorts...spandex, shorts that is.  I knew I would be more comfortable, temperature-wise, in shorts, but didn't want to risk chafing.  So I searched the ether and my local sports stores and found the Adidas Supernova shorts at Zappos.  I'm a HUGE Zappos fan and recently became a member of their VIP program, which is ah-ma-zing!  You get free overnight shipping and their return policy is inspiring. 

Ok, back to the shorts...they're super comfy and fit great.  The waistband is a hair tight on me, but that's probably a nice little nod to the fact that I should probably be eating more salad and fewer cookies!  They have a zippered pocket on the side that I was able to fit 2 Gu pouches for race-day fuel.  All in all, they were a great option for me and the price was right - $30ish.


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