March 26, 2012

Princess Half Marathon Mile-by-Mile (0-6)

For those that haven't done a half marathon or the Disney Princess Half Marathon, there's a lot that goes through your head.  I have often thought that running long distance is 80% mental and 20% physical.  You have to be mentally tough to finish.  So, here's a mile-by-mile recap of the thoughts running through our heads from both perspectives...

Start - the starting line is a short walk outside Epcot park
Christine: Excitement, adrenaline.  Don't let this be like last year.  Let's go already!
Pam:  So happy Christine has joined me for another Princess race! A little worried about her health after last year's scare.

Mile 1
C: Yes!  This is awesome!  I feel great right now!  I love Disney!  I love my life!  I love running!
P:  Enjoyed the fireworks start and felt good running nice easy tempo.

Mile 2
C: Ok, still feeling great.  Saw a girl go down on the course- poor thing. 
P:  Love the new mile markers.  Also sadness for the girl down in the middle of the road

Mile 3
Mugging for the camera after we ran out of the castle
C: Yes, we're getting close to the Richard Petty driving experience...there are hot guys in racing suits woo!  I'm running on air - I could do this all day....wait, isn't that what I thought last year when I barely finished?!  Get that thought out of your head!
P:  Running going well for both us, this is fun!

Mile 4
C: Hit the Magic Kingdom gates with overwhelming excitement.  Get ready to run 2+ish miles...part of my race plan to run through the parks.  I love this part!
P:  Filled with absolute delight with a big smile as we pass through the gates.

Mile 5
C: Ear to ear grins/overwhelming emotion as we run down Main Street in Magic Kingdom.  I was running on air.  Again, another "I love running" thought. 
P: Nearly cry as I see the crowds cheering on Main Street.  I love these races so much!

Mile 6
C: Oh boy, here comes the tough part...a 6 mile stretch until we hit Epcot.  I feel pretty good.
P: Eat a GU for power and replenishment and then try to focus on my music during this long stretch of highway.

Stay tuned for miles 7 to the finish line!

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