March 27, 2012

Princess Half Marathon Mile-by-Mile (7-Finish)

Here's the second half of the mile-by-mile recap from the 2012 Princess Half Marathon.  You can read about miles 0-6 here.

Mile 7
Christine: Knees are aching.  Can I do this?  The highway is boring.  Just.Keep.Running, Christine.  Go girl.
Pam: Happy with tempo, making sure we are not too fast and can finish strong. 

Mile 8
C: Ok, past the knee pain.  Another water stop.  Next stop, Cliff shot stop.  I have energy.  Only 5 miles left.  Smiling, I feel good. 
P:  Trying to stay focused on course and tempo...checking my watch a lot now.

Mile 9
C: I can see the Cliff shot.  Hmm let's find the fruity flavors.  Aha, citrus - yum!  Gimme.  Ack, don't step on the shots - it's like Frogger!  Walking one last half mile and then it's go time.  I have energy.  A PR is a possibility, do it Christine.
P:  Second GU after feeling a bit weak....trying to enjoy our last 5 minutes of walking before our push to the finish.

Mile 10
C: Water stop.  Cliff shot.  Go, baby, go!  Army man on the on ramp - no chance that I'm delusional this year.  Another hill, another chance to pass the competition.  See ya, suckers! 
P:  Excited that the tempo has picked up.  I ask Christine if she knows how fast we are going (around 9 minute mile pace or faster).

Mile 11
C: Crank up the music louder.  Pass everyone around you.  Go faster.  Go go go!  A PR is on the horizon, just keep moving!  Don't lose Mom.  Lengthen your stride.  It's there - you got this.
P: Having an absolute blast passing tons of runners....adrenaline has kicked in for sure

Mile 12
C: OMG, MY LEGS ARE ON FIRE!  ACK!  Epcot, here you are!  Need a break.  Focus on the topiaries.  Look around.  Focus on anything but your legs.  Hey girl who looks spent, keep it up, finish line around the corner!
P:  Still feeling strong as we continue to run at a fast pace.

Mile 13
C: There it is.  The finish line.  I can see it.  The gospel choir is here - yes!  I love them.  I even got a shout out from the girl in front when I gave her a fist pump and yelled for them.  Almost there - I can taste my PR!
P:  So excited that Christine is still strong and will finish with a smile instead of in the medical tent!

C: I DID IT!  I finished!  Hug mama.  I'm happy, healthy and with my mama!  Proud of this.  Proud of me.  Ok, now go find a medal and get some ice for knees and then some Powerade...just not the red kind.
P: So happy we beat our time from last year and loved being with my dear daughter....AND it is medal time!!

Looking Back..
C: Looking back on my finish line experience, I am so proud.  I signed up for this race a mere 14 days in advance and crossed that line happy and healthy, a huge personal milestone.

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