March 5, 2012

Run Disney Race Medals

Anyone that knows me has figured out that I am very motivated by prizes.  I will do nearly anything to earn a nice prize or medal.  So, after being talked into running 18 months ago, my current motivation is to earn all the runDisney half marathon and longer running medals.  So far, I have collected 5, including the much coveted Coast To Coast medal earned by running a half marathon at Disneyland and Disney World in the same calendar year. 

Next year, I hope to earn another Coast to Coast as well as the famous Goofy medal, earned by running the Donald Half Marathon on Saturday and the Mickey Marathon on Sunday of the same weekend.  Crazy sounding, most definitely, but you earn three gorgeous medals by completing this feat.  My family thinks I am nuts and perhaps I am.  But hopefully in early January of 2013, I can proudly post a photo with the awesome bling I will work hard to earn.


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