March 24, 2012

Training for a half marathon

There are many different training programs for a half marathon.  I have read lots of them online, and when I was coerced by my daughter into running my first half (Disney Princess 2011, I followed an online program that required five days per week devoted to running/walking.  This worked fine for my first half, but to become stronger and faster I needed to find something else.  So, after questioning several runners on the "Disboards" WISH (we are inspired to stay healthy) website, I decided to purchase by first running book, "Run Less, Run Faster" written by Bill Pierce, Scott Muir and Ray Moss.  I studied the book in detail and started their 10 week program for my second half marathon (Disneyland 2011).  This program required three types of running workouts per week and for me, proved to be much harder than my prior program.  The alternating days included cross training of bicycling or swimming for a minimum of 45 minutes.  Finally after 10 weeks of grueling training, I ran my second half marathon at Disneyland.  The results were amazing....I dropped 19:43 minutes!  The hard work definitely paid off and I would recommend this program to any runner.  My next half will be the Wine and Dine Half in November at Epcot, and my serious training will start again in August.  In the meantime, running a few days each week will keep me focused on the long term goal and keep me in running shape.


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