March 29, 2012

Why Disney Races?

Disney races are generally a lot more expensive than other races.  And that's just the entry fee.  For most, they require travel and a "vacation budget" why are we so obsessed?  Here's a quick interview with your favorite Disney runners to give you the skinny.

The cost - is it really worth it?
Christine: I'm obsessed with Disney World.  And I generally I consider the Disney dollar to be like the Euro...generally doesn't go as far as the real, American dollar.  I save my pennies so I can enjoy my trips there and figure out how to get good flights as generally you can get a good bargain to go to Orlando.
Pam: No question races are expensive, but the overall experience of the vacation makes it worthwhile.

What makes Disney races special?
C: It's Disney.  Where else can you run through an amusement park.  The aura is just incredible and the adrenaline/excitement is palpable from start to finish.  
P: The spectacular Expo with fabulous vendors and running specialist speakers, race course entertainment and of course the medals at the end of the race.
C: Ooh yea the medals.  They're amazing!!

Why keep coming back?
C: I've found running long distance races to be a touch addicting.  And it helps that my Mom is hooked and keeps roping me back into more races....I swore after 2011 Princess Half, I would never run again!  Plus the courses are different and each race has a different "feel."
P: Because it is such fun and a wonderful way to vacation and enjoy running with Christine...and to get more prizes!

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