April 2, 2012

Disney Princess Half - Room Decor

Last year we were new to the Disney Princess Half Marathon so we weren't sure of all the ins and outs.  Since Disney Princesses are very popular these days, it's not all that hard to find themed merchandise.  I found some cute plates and napkins at Target for breakfast in our room to help get us in the spirit.  But little did we know that other racers would publicly show their spirit by hanging signs on their room doors and on the inside of their windows.  In that respect, we were woefully unprepared to revel in our Princess-ness!

So last year we were unprepared, but this year was a different story!  
We had signs for both of the rooms with gals from our group and a "shh" sign for each room.  When your wake-up call is 3AM, I think it's ok to let neighboring guests know you're sleeping and are appreciative of the quiet.  We reveled in our princess fun and enjoyed the Disney spirit.


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