April 8, 2012

Disney's Marathon Weekend

On April 10, 2012, registration opens for the marathon weekend! The schedule is as follows:

5K race: January 11
Half marathon: January 12
Marathon: January 13

2013 will be the 20th anniversary of the Disney marathon, so it will be a special time to run a first marathon or second or third! Already Disney has announced a "surprise" at mile 20 of the race. The variety of race choices is wonderful, with the bravest runners trying to complete the Goofy Challenge, running both the half and full marathons on consecutive days.

While neither Christine or I have completed a marathon, we are eager to attend marathon weekend and try our luck at a race or two. The Goofy Challenge is on my "to do" list and 2013 seems like the perfect time to try! Of course the race bling from Goofy is the draw....three medals for two days of torture....seems like a plan!



  1. Im so excited! Registered for Goofy! Are you ladies doing Disneyland?

  2. @Allergic Mama - Not this year...I think maybe next year because I (Christine) would REALLY love to get the C2C! :)