April 5, 2012

The health issue

If you've been following this blog or reading our posts about the recaps of the 2012 Disney Princess Half, you've probably picked up on some comments about my (Christine's) health.  In the 2011 race, I barely finished...I was suffering from a pretty serious sodium imbalance that resulted in scary vital signs, being overheated and a less than lucid mental state.  After crossing the finish line, I remember asking for water and to get help with my blisters (literally golf-ball sized on the bottom of my feet).  After getting an ice bag to throw over my neck, my Mom realized something was wrong and I was quickly admitted to the medical tent and hooked up to all kinds of monitors. 

I was scared.  All I knew was a doctor was yelling at me wondering why I didn't hydrate along the course.  But I did, I proclaimed!  At every water stop!  And at the end of the race, I consumed multiple cups of water or Powerade - whatever was in the cup that was handed to me.  There were at least a half a dozen people around my "bed" (a chaise lounge) and they were shouting out my vitals, throwing bags of ice all over me, putting them under my neck and shoulders.  A female nurse graciously confirmed that I was wearing a sports bra and they stripped off my race top to help cool me down.  They force-fed me red Powerade through a straw.  As much as I could drink they told me.  2 bottles down.

A little while later, when my vitals were stable, my Mom was allowed to come into the tent.  I was resting with the really kind nurse who made me laugh.  She made me feel good and reassured me that I would be ok.  Gosh, I felt awful.  They gave me an anti-nausea tablet to dissolve under my tongue....and then it hit me.  I'm going to be sick!  Get me a bag and quickly!  No TMI intended, but throwing up red PowerAde in a clear ziploc bag is gross...I'll never drink the stuff again.

After about an hour, I was discharged with normal vitals - blood pressure, pulse and temperature.  I was so grateful for the caring, competent medical team that got me back to "normal" quickly.  I didn't feel great and was really stiff since I never had a chance to stretch or work off any of the lactic acid build-up in my system.  But I posed for a photo with my medal and new tshirt (on the back it says "Medical" and yes...it's size 2X and it proudly sits in the bottom of my tshirt drawer) with my Mom and my Aunt. 

Me, My Aunt (she won her age group!!!!) and My Mom (Pam)
Even if it wasn't my finest hour, I'm still really proud of that race...and you better believe I will always figure out a way to down a salt packet or two the night before a race to make sure I don't end up in the medical tent again!



  1. I am still amazed you finished the race.....great job and glad this year was so fun!!

  2. Goodness, I just read this through your link today. Hyponatremia is nothing to mess with. Glad it all turned out all right.

  3. I ran across your post on the twitter feed for race prep and saw this one as well... I carry those salt packets from restaurants and chew a few before water stops or open and eat so that I can get that salt in my especially on hot days. After 15 runDisney events I feel like a pro but am still learning stuff. Maybe I'll see you at Disneyland this year... I've got an amazing Dumbo twirl skirt :)