April 27, 2012

Magic Kingdom - It really is magical

Mom and I love Magic Kingdom.  I have even better memories of the park now that I've run down Main Street twice, as part of the course for the Princess Half Marathon.  It's definitely the highlight of the race and holds special meaning in my heart.  
Celebrating our 2012 Princess Half Marathon finishes with my
Mom's lifelong friend, Kymberlee
So let's talk about what makes Magic Kingdom...well, magical.  If you've never been, my goodness, get thee to a travel agent and book a trip immediately!  It's a great park that's very manageable for the whole family...not as much walking as the other parks.  There are 6 main areas in the park - Main Street USA, Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.  By area, here are We Run Disney's favorite attractions.

Main Street USA
Christine: You can meet the Disney Princesses at Town Square Theater and get some cute photos. We made a special stop on our way in the park after the Princess Half Marathon in February.  Enjoy lunch at The Plaza Restaurant, which reminds me of a Victorian tea house. 
Pam: Enjoy the view of the castle and make sure to get a photo.  Shopping in the Emporium in the evening before you exit the park is always a great end to the day.
Visiting with Belle after our 2012 Princess Half Marathon
P: Jungle Cruise is my favorite!
C: I like Pirates of the Caribbean, although I have to admit that I liked it before they added the recent upgrades with pirates from the movie. 

P: It's a toss up for favorite ride in this section of the park - Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad are both great bets. 
C: Yes, I agree.  And then hit up Pecos Bill cafe for a taco salad for lunch.  Their "fixins" bar is awesome!

Liberty Square
C: Even though I was scared when I was a little kid, I love The Haunted Mansion and the "ghost hosts."
P: Me too - my favorite is Haunted Mansion.
C: The Columbia House has a good selection of food - some different options like fish and salads which is a good change up.

C: I think Fantasyland is my favorite section of the park.  I really like the rides that feature Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan.  And It's a Small World is a classic.  Can you imagine how often they must have to dust all the dolls?! 
P: I love It's a Small World.  I love ALL the rides in Fantasyland except the Mad Hatter's Tea Cups because they make me sick.
C: The new Fantasyland addition looks amazing and begins opening in phases this spring.  I can't wait!
Prince Charming's Carousel in Fantasyland
P: I like the People Mover and I love Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, but I'm not very good. 
C: Space Mountain!  And Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.  If you're not familiar with this ride, I dare you to challenge me in my alien shooting abilities.  I'm awesome.  In fact, I once got a perfect score on the ride and I have a photo to prove it! 

Dancing with Dale near Space Mountain in Tomorrowland
What's your favorite part of Magic Kingdom?


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