April 21, 2012

Outfitting your feet

Given that I have been plagued with knee issues since I was about 16, I've become highly conscious of getting the right footwear for running.  I went through years of buying sneakers at any old store until I was properly fitted for sneakers and had a noticeable difference in the way my knees and feet felt during and after workouts.  When you go to a full service running or sporting goods store, you get a full service fitting, based on your physical needs.  Many running stores have a treadmill so that they can watch your stride and identify things like pronation or stability support that you may need.  I know I need a strong arch support because I pronate.  I've found a New Balance shoe that works well for me.  Yes, they're expensive...but you wouldn't buy plastic golf clubs to help your tee shot or a see-through bathing suit for a triathlon to save a buck would you?!

Mom and I both have great local stores that we patronize.

In South Hampton Roads, VA, check out Running Etc, which has a great selection of running shoes and apparel.  You'll get attentive service and proper fitting.

In Wilmington, NC, check Try Sports, another great local store that carries great running shoes.  They also carry a lot of triathlon gear as well, if that's part of your race repertoire.


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