April 1, 2012

Road Identification

While out for a run yesterday, I realized that we had not posted about identification while out of your neighborhood.  For those who train for half or full marathons, you probably run quite a few miles away from your home or apartment.  It is so important to have identification in case you have an accident.  I bought my "RoadID" online after finding a coupon on the bottom of a 5K race bib.
My choice was the pink rubbery bracelet called the Wrist ID slim that has a metal band attached to it.  The medal piece is engraved with my name, contact details in an emergency and a list of allergies.  Check out their website at www.roadid.com  It is a small investment for your peace of mind!



  1. That is super cute! Its like a dog tag for humans. A human tag :)
    Great color choice too!

  2. I love my Road ID! I have the shoe pouch so that I can slip in cash or hotel room key. Every time I move, I order a new one!