April 14, 2012

Running Magazine

One of my favorite things to find in my mailbox is the latest issue of "Runner's World" magazine.  Last year, as a new runner I found myself looking at this magazine at the grocery store and purchased a single copy.  Now I subscribe so I can enjoy each and every issue hot off the press.  They feature information on many different aspects of running: gear, staying healthy and injury free, training, tips for beginners, fueling properly etc. 

At the back of each issue, they include a races and places calendar and description of upcoming races around the country.  Best of all though are the wonderful color adds for the RunDisney races.  I tear those out and post them above my desk to keep me motivated during hard training weeks.  Runners World also has a great website with loads of information, training tips,forums for asking questions and other interesting stuff.  Take a look at http://www.runnersworld.com/


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