April 23, 2012

Speed Training

I end up doing most of my runs on the treadmill for a few reasons - easier mileage tracking and when I do get the time away from the office, it's usually dark and I don't love running in the dark.  Hmm...guess I'll have to get used to that for Wine and Dine huh?!  In any case, for my last run at the Disney Princess Half in February, I was much more focused on balanced training.  When I ran my first half, I basically only ran for exercise...and it felt like I was running all the time. 

This time, I changed it up a bit, focusing on more cross training to include elliptical, weights, and classes at the gym - Zumba and boot camp.  My body was probably more ready for my 2012 race, physically speaking, despite the fact that I only did one "long ran" (i.e., greater than 6 miles) pre-race.  I was toned and in better all around shape.  So for Wine and Dine, I'm following a similar routine, but this time, I'll do some longer runs since I've planned a bit better for this race (side bar - I signed up for the 2012 Princess a mere 14 days in advance...umm yea...). 

One of the ways I'm beefing up my training is speed and hill work.  On the treadmill, it's pretty straightforward and easy to track.  I did a speed workout on Sunday that I figured I would share - it definitely got my blood flowing.  Another sidebar - I'm a convert of the run/walk method and helpful to know my run/walk schema/pace is a mile running (about 10 min) and 5 min walk. 
  • 1 min walk - warm up
  • 10 min run at comfortable pace - for me, 6.0mph (10 min mile)
  • 5 min walk at fast pace - for me, 3.7mph
  • 15 min run, increasing speed every 2 minutes for first 10 minutes and then every minute for last 5 minutes as follows: 
    • Minute 10: 6.0
    • Minute 12: 6.3
    • Minute 14: 6.7
    • Minute 16: 7.0
    • Minute 18: 7.3
    • Minute 20: 7.5
    • Minute 21: 7.6
    • Minute 22: 7.7
    • Minute 23: 7.8
    • Minute 24: 7.9
    • Minute 25: 8.0
  • 5 min run/jog, slowing pace every minute
  • 5 min cool down
  • Total - 37 minutes, about 3.5 miles
How do you do speed training, whether outside or on the treadmill?


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