April 3, 2012

Training Tips from Pam

Training for races takes self discipline and effort.  For most of us, life can get in the way with jobs, children, family obligations and other activities.  One of the best ways to keep on track is to keep a journal of your efforts.  I write down all my running details as well as cross training, and other sporting activities (golf, tennis).   At the end of any week, I can see my total mileage, hours of activity and if I am "on track" for whatever race is on the horizon. 

The other advantage to logging your miles is the ability to tell when your shoes need to be replaced.  The rule of thumb varies, but I am a hard striker, so 300 miles is about right for me.  For others, 500 miles is probably the correct amount before shopping for a new pair.

Another training tip that has helped me tremendously is being properly fueled and hydrated prior to your runs.  I eat more than most before racing and training.  On the other hand, my sister, ran and won  her age group at the Disney Princess half marathon (ages 60-64 by 7 minutes) with not one thing in her stomach prior to the race.

Having a training buddy is a super way to keep focused on your goals.  Running clubs are available in many towns and cities and are a great way to meet others at your pace that can challenge you and motivate you.  Disney offers the Clif Pace Team during their races and they have an excellent website.  Enjoy your training and most of all, get out there and move!


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