April 10, 2012

Training Tuesday: Running with a Dog

There are nights when I can't fathom the time or energy to exercise both myself and my dog.  So sometimes I combine the tasks.  I've taken Paddy out running with me on a few different occasions, with good success.  I guess you can assume that Paddy is my dog - she's a 60 lb Old English Sheepdog.  As you can see from her pic below, she's pretty shaggy so I don't take her out when it's too hot. 
She's pretty stinkin' cute, huh?!

While I love an evening jog, I'm cautious on a few things.
1. I don't go out after dark...only before dark or dusk.  Running with a dog requires additional alertness, so I don't risk it after dark.
2. I don't go on super-long runs.  I usually do 3-4 miles with Paddy.
3. I don't wear headphones.  Back to the time of day thing, I figure I need to be more alert to cars, my neighbors and surroundings to keep us both safe.
4. I bring an extra dog poo bag...sometimes all the extra exercise/excitement warrants it!
5. Take it easy - I maintain a pace that Paddy and I can both maintain.
6. Be patient.  I know that on my runs with my pup, I may have to take some breaks or take it a bit easier if Paddy isn't moving quickly.

Above all else, I enjoy the extra bonding time with her and the time to exercise together!

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