May 1, 2012

Another Take on Speed Training

My speed training is usually done at a local track not too far from my home.  It is a on a college campus and is a good quality place to run since it has a rubber surface that is easy on the legs.  When training for a half marathon, I have the following schedule for my speedwork:

Week One, 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down with 4 intervals of 400 meters at 1:53 pace.
Week Two, same warm up and cooldown but I increase the intervals to 3 at 800 meters 3:50 pace
Week Three, warmup and cool down and intervals are 2 X 1600 meters at 8:05 pace
The following weeks are varied, but the mileage is never more than 6 miles during the peak training week and that includes warmup and cooldown for a mile each.  Speedwork definitely helped with increasing my pace during my second half marathon in which I dropped nearly 20 minutes from my prior PR.  I recommend anyone that is planning to race this year to incorporate speedwork into your training.  An aside note....during this type of training be sure to bring several bottles or water and Gatorade/Powerade for adequate hydration.  In the summer last year, I needed lots of fluids to not feel faint while getting through the workout.  Also, be sure to adjust your speed depending on the weather conditions....if it is very hot and humid, do not hesitate to reduce your pace.


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