May 28, 2012

ERR 10k recap

I ran the Elizabeth River Run 10k in Portsmouth, VA on Saturday. I had big goals-hoped to run a PR (I've only run one 10k and it was in 1:03) and wanted to have fun. I was running solo which was a first for me as well- at least in a race.

The race started at 8 and I knew it would be hot. I could feel the warmth and humidity while I was hanging around before the start. Heat is not my strong suit. When I headed over to the starting line, I noticed a woman with a shirt that appeared to say "Princess 2012." Of course I walked over and inquired if she ran it. She told me that she and her daughter ran it together and they're also doing the Tower of Terror ten miler. We immediately bonded over our love for Disney races and then it was time to line up at the start.

The race started well- I was easily able to maintain my 4:1 walk:run pace. After a little while (ok, about 12 min to be exact), I realized we hadn't seen a mile marker and being that I'm a pretty consistent 10min mile pace runner, I got a little nervous. When I saw the next volunteer, I asked about markers-none, he said. Hmmm...this is going to be interesting being that I only have a basic watch with stopwatch only, no GPS features, against which to check my pace.

After 35 min, the heat was really getting to me so I adjusted to 3:1 pace. I was still having a hard time and was dying for water. I grabbed 2 cups at the water stop at about mile 4.7 (I think) and chugged one and dumped the other down my back. I felt better momentarily. I had to slow my pace significantly to keep running. At one point, I thought I might be sick...I willed myself to stay on the course and not quit. I found 2 girls running a manageable pace and ran the last half mile or so behind them.

 I didn't PR, but I crossed the line only 2 min slower than my fastest time. It was hot, the course was tough to pace and I was, at times, desperate for someone running by my side.

I'd do it again (very well done race minus mile markers), but I would definitely bring a hydration belt. And I might consider training for the distance (my longest run since the Princess in late Feb is 4.3 mi).

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