May 23, 2012

Expo Logistics......

Every Disney race starts with a visit to the Expo. The Expo is a must to get your race packet with bib, chip and final race instructions (these are also available on the runDisney website a week or so before the race).

Here are the Race Programs from the Princess Half,
Disneyland Half and the Chip 'n Dale Marathon Relay

And there's also the final instructions for each race as well....
Lots of good info!
I love the excitement of getting to the front of the line to pick up my number and then checking the electronic chip to make sure it works. After this is done and my race shirt is in the bag, it is time to check out the guest speakers and merchandise in the numerous booths.

Picking up our race packets at the 2011 Princess Half...the lines
were LONG!!
Jeff Galloway is the officia running consultant of runDisney and he speaks several times during the Expo. Nutrition is also covered by Diet Diva Tara and other relevant topics to running and well being. It is definitely worthwhile to spend some time listening to the experts. The vendor booths at the Disney Expos are fabulous. Be sure to bring a full wallet or credit cards so you can take advantage of all the wonderful gear available for purchase.  Note that you can get a discount when using a Disney Visa credit card

Christine was happy with her Princess Aurora
bib...can you tell she likes pink?!
My weakness is the runDisney race merchandise.....the "I Did It" shirts are a nice thing to wear to the parks after the race and the Champion nylon jackets are also an item that I look for. Another recent option is the Dooney Bourke handbags with race motif. I was weak and purchased the cross body bag at the Princess Expo in February!
Sporting my 2011 Princess "I Did It" shirt and
my new Dooney cross body bag!  Christine
wasn't feeling as festive...harumph!
If you're looking for some runDisney gear to help keep you motivated during "training season", you can purchase some Champion apparel on the Disney store website. So get shopping and enjoy training for one of your Disney races with a tech Mickey shirt!

The Clif booth at the Expo has samples of their products and also provides wristbands for various finish times. We used those at the Princess race in February (Check out Christine's race recap here) and they were very helpful. Clif also offers a pace team on race day  and that is also an option for solo runners.  At the Princess Half in February, they were called "Pace Charmings" I think.  Cute, huh?!

RunDisney also has a booth for future race registration and a case showing all the medals for their races. This is perhaps one of my favorite things at the Expo. It is no secret that I covet race medals and my goal is to earn one from every long race at far, I have 5 including the Coast to Coast, Princess x2, Chip and Dale Relay and Disneyland Half!  Enjoy your time at the race expos and be sure to allow plenty of time for shopping!



  1. Thank you for giving all these run downs! I'm looking forward to signing up for the 5K, and while it's not the "big" race of the weekend, I'm overwhelmed by the details and don't want to miss anything!! :)