May 20, 2012

Hey Marathoners!

runDisney just released the new course maps this week.  You can find them on the runDisney Mickey Marathon page here.  The big changes include the omission of the initial run through EPCOT, a run on the WDW Speedway, running around the baseball stadium at ESPN Wide World of Sports and the much-hyped mile 20 surprise in honor of the 20th anniversary of the race. 

There's a cute video starring Mickey Mouse that explains the new course.  The course includes all 4 parks and follows this general route: Magic Kingdom, WDW Speedway, Animal Kingdom, Wide World of Sports Complex, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT. 

So who's running the marathon?  Are you in it for the course, for a fun race or for the 20th Anniversary bling?  I know someone (cough, cough, Pam, aka my Mom) who is in it for the bling and the challenge.


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