May 21, 2012

Oh my gracious! Sparkly skirts galore!

Have y'all seen the sparkly running skirts?!?!

How cute are those?!  Sparkle skirts has TONS of really cute running skirts including this one, the sparkle light, which is a thin skirt that doesn't have any bottoms under it.  The also have the Sparkle Tech which has shorts underneath.  I am in LOVE with their Minnie Mouse print and now they have a limited edition Mickey Tech skirt

If you're a runDisney girl, you must be gushing over this too.  They're $60, so a bit of an investment and they only have sizes small, large and extra large left. 

You should definitely check them out if you have a flair for the the feminine even when you're grinding through a 13 mile run!  What do you think of the Sparkle Skirts?



  1. LOVE THEM. Well I have one. I totally prefer the 'light' ones because I wear them over my own capris/shorts :) I have hot pink :)

  2. @Sandra, oooh I love the hot pink - my go to color for all clothing! :)