May 10, 2012

Race Day Gear- Throwaway Shirts

For any of the long races at Disney, there is a chance that you will be waiting in a corral early in the morning or late at night for an hour or more depending on corral placement.  Therefore, I bring a "throwaway" shirt to every race along with a mylar cape saved from a prior race to stay warm. 

All throwaway clothing at the Disney races is donated to charity, and I generally find my shirts at either Kohls or Old Navy for very little money.  Last week, I was in Old Navy and bought two shirts for Christine and me for our upcoming Wine and Dine Half Marathon.  They were originally $14.50 and I got them both for $5.89 plus local tax.  They are nice shirts and will keep us cozy while we wait for the fireworks to send us on our way November 10th!


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