May 22, 2012

Training Tuesday: Tracking Runs

Tracking your training runs is always a challenge.  In an era of all sorts of electronic gadgets and gizmos*, I'm still inclined to use paper.  It is usually easier for me to scribble down a workout than spend time typing it up.  Some people use iphone apps, some people use their blogs and some use other methods.  I'm a notebook sort of gal when it comes to tracking training runs.  For my first Princess Half, I used a Princess-themed spiral notebook that I found at Target to track my training runs.  As part of a gift basket that my Mom won at a recent auction, she gave me a diet and training journal. 

It's structured and provides a relatively simple format, but a lot of information is required.  I haven't quite decided if it's something I'll actually use...even if just for tracking training runs.  Who knows, I may regress to a basic notebook for tracking my workouts. 

What do you use to track your runs and other workouts?


*How do you like that Disney song reference...."I've got gadgets and gizmos aplenty, I've got who's-its and what's-its galore..."  Which one is it?! :)


  1. Me too. I totally prefer using a paper planner. I bought a seperate 'monthly' planner for just running/exercise. It is small enough because it only has the 12 mths. I can see the whole month on the two page spread. I record distance and time and anything else (like new shoes, how I felt, intervals used, track/treadmill/road). It's great and I total mileage at the end of each week and put the monthly total at the top.

  2. I also use pen and paper....much easier for me. The answer to the question is "The Little Mermaid!"

  3. Alright ladies, I think I may stick with paper. I have a set of small, soft-back notebooks that I found at Target and will designate one for workout tracking. It tucks nicely in my purse so I'll be able to scribble down a workout whenever I finish. {Christine}