June 27, 2012

Disneyland or WDW.... which is your favorite?

I have been lucky enough to run at both WDW and Disneyland.  Last year, I talked my sister into joining me at the Disneyland Half for our first trip to DL after many visits to see the mouse in Florida.  We are both Disney enthusiasts, so imagine our delight at visiting Walt's first park in Anaheim. 

The race courses differ greatly at the coast to coast destinations.  My first half was at the Princess in 2011 and while I enjoyed the race, there were parts (such as the long stretch of highway and the on ramps) that were not very fun.  Running through the Magic Kingdom, especially going up Main Street towards the castle is fantastic!  The corral setup and transportation to the race from a host hotel is fine, but you end up getting up extremely early for the race start.

At DL, the course runs along the city streets and obviously some are nicer than others.  I must admit though, as a baseball fan, running through the Angels Stadium and seeing yourself on the jumbo tron was very cool.  Also there with loads of kids (mainly boy scouts and cheerleaders) yelling encouraging words,  sitting in the stands of the infield. 

One huge advantage to DL over WDW is the ability to walk to the race start from your hotel.  We chose the DL Hotel and yes it was a splurge, but the five minute walk to the start and convenience of walking back after the race to cool down was a nice perk.

I would struggle to pick a favorite  race, because I love them all.  If you have the opportunity to try a race on both coasts in a calendar year, you will also add to your medal collection with the lovely Coast to Coast medal featuring Walt Disney and Mickey.  It is a real beauty!



  1. I know a lot of people prefer to run at WDW, but I like the DL races better. The 2010 DL Half was my very first race and I did it again in 2011 and I'm signed up for 2012. I also did Tink this year.

    I think the crowd support is amazing at DL and I love running through the stadium. I also agree that getting to the start is just so much easier and less exhausting. If I had to choose, I would pick DL over WDW for running.

    Vacationing is another story, though. DL is great for a weekend since I live in AZ, and WDW is great for a longer vacation.

  2. I wish I was going back to race at DL this year. Enjoy the ace and your weekend at Disneyland!