June 2, 2012

New training gear

After my less than fabulous 10k last weekend, I finally put my game face on and decided it was time to ramp up my summer training.  Given that most of my runs (at least in the last few months) have been on a treadmill, I know that I needed to spend more time on the pavement, dealing with the weather.  I have always struggled with heat and I think the only way to get more comfortable with that is practice!

Armed with some new gear, I headed out on a nice, long (yes, that's somewhat relative these days) training run this morning.  All things considered, it's a relatively cool morning here in Southern VA.  We had some pretty violent storms blow through last night, so the air is a bit crisp, considering we're definitely into summer weather.

My Mom surprised me with a little package the other day and it included a new Sprint Palm Holder from Fuel Belt and some Fitness magazines.  I have a hydration belt, but I don't love it because I always have a hard time making sure it doesn't bounce too much.  So I tried out the palm variety this morning and loved it!  The only problem was I could have used more water, but that's neither here nor there.

Next up on my new training gear for today is my new Road ID bracelet!  I was so overdue to order one of these and found a coupon from an old race bib and finally got my act together.  Since I run by myself (usually), I thought it was a good idea that I have some sort of identification and emergency contact info on me in the event of an emergency.  Like my Mom, I also got the wrist ID slim in pink.  And guess what, you can get $1 your order with my thank you coupon.  The code is: ThanksChristine14542645.  Just hit up the Road ID website and pick out an ID that works for you.

And lastly, I road tested some "new" sunglasses today.  They're not really new...more like new to me!  I found some shades tucked away in the back of a closet that I bought back in high school (!!) and they're perfect for morning runs.  Not exactly conventional...they have light blue lenses, but I like the fit and they stay put just like they should!

Baby blue Oakley sunglasses, circa 1999...any princesses may also recognize that awesome tech top! :)
What's your best training gear?


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