June 20, 2012


As I mentioned here, my training started Monday and I successfully made it to the gym for a hardy cross-training workout of elliptical, weights, abs, lunges and push-ups.  Last night was my first run using my training plan from Run Less Run Faster (Mom wrote about it here and I plan to share more details on the training plan later).  The plan is much more prescriptive than I'm used to so I spent a bit of time studying my run for the evening.  The workout for Tues evening was:
2 miles easy
3 miles at ST (short tempo pace)...according to their table based on current 5k time, mine is 9:27
1 mile easy

Let's consider that Tuesday evening was one of the warmer nights we've had in a while.  After I got home from work and took a quick break to chill out, I headed out, at about 6:15.  Turns out, that was NOT EVEN CLOSE TO LATE ENOUGH!  It was still scorching outside.  After completing the 2 easy miles in about 12 mm pace, I made the turn (literally and figuratively) for the ST miles.  After about a mile and a half, I was wiped!  And out of water and really, really hot.  Rather than push myself too much, I headed home feeling a little deflated.

As I opened my front door, the rush of the AC cooled my body and was intoxicating.  I quickly filled a water bottle from my Brita in the fridge and chugged about 1/2 of it down.  And then it hit me.  The most genius idea ever.  The freezer!!!  Somewhat related segue....Have you ever seen the Simpson's episode with the heat wave?  And Bart and Homer pitch a tent in front of the freezer?  Genius right?

So there I was, chilling in front of the freezer for a quick minute to get an extra chilly burst.  As you can see, my momentary disappointment in not hitting my training run according to plan was quickly lost with my great idea for a cool down.

While my training run didn't live up to the plan, all was not lost.  I learned that I either need to run 1) early in the morning, 2) later in the evening or 3) on a treadmill anytime.  I genuinely underestimated the challenge of training outside in the summer heat.  The heat was just too much tonight.  I checked my iPhone and it registered 86 just after I got back - yikes!  I also tested out my orange Gu chomps as a pre-run snack and they were pretty tasty.



  1. Some runs are just like that, bud! The heat will get you every time -- I admit that I've become a bit of a wuss about it and I resort to the dreadmill a little too often in the summer. This morning at 7am, it was already too hot! There is some advice about adjusting pace based on temps that you might want to check out. I'll see if I can find the link. But the point of tempo workouts is to make you work hard... which you're already doing in the heat. So not as much reason to push the pace.

  2. Here's one link: http://www.jeffgalloway.com/training/tips_archives/seasonal.html

    One last thing -- the bad runs really make you appreciate the good ones :)

  3. Janet, thanks for the great info and the support! I have a feeling I'm going to be doing a lot of treadmill runs this summer!

  4. The heat is awful to run it- many times I set out to run 5 and could barely get through 3! I'm down in FL right now and my 3 mile training runs are a killer - and that's 3 "easy" but in 80+ degree weather it feels like 10 miles! At least in Nov at night at the most Magical Place on Earth - the weather will be great and you will run fabulous :) Look forward to that! Think about how easy each mile in beautiful weather will feel!

  5. Allie, I cannot imagine training in Florida! It was a good wake up call early in training to figure out a new game plan (early, late, treadmill). And yes, I am so looking forward to our fall race in WDW! :)