June 25, 2012

runDisney Circuit

Mom and I were talking about what it would take to complete the runDisney "circuit" in a single calendar year.  It sounds great, doesn't it?!  Just think about all the medals and spending 7 weekends in Disney parks in FL or CA.  Awesome.  But also expensive and physically taxing.  So let's talk about what this would look like from a calendar perspective.  And just for clarification, we're talking only about the distance events plus Expedition Everest since that's the only event that weekend. 

Tinkerbell Half Marathon - Disneyland
Marathon Weekend - Disneyworld
Total miles: 26.2 - 56.4 mi (depending on if you do a half or as much as the Goofy marathon weekend)

Princess Half Marathon - Disneyworld
Total miles: 13.1 mi

Expedition Everest - Disneyworld
Total miles: 5.3 mi

Disneyland Half Marathon - Disneyland
ToT 10 miler - Disneyworld
Total miles: 23.1

Wine and Dine Half Marathon - Disneyworld
Total miles: 13.1

Total miles for the year: 80.8 - 107...wowzers!! 
Total Registration cost: $1080 if you hit the lowest race for each rate...now just consider the flight, hotel, park tickets and incidental costs for all of those weekends too!  I guess I'll be playing the lottery...

It's fun to dream isn't it?


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