June 7, 2012

runDisney Race Apparel

I love Disney race apparel and especially the shirts that say "I DID IT!".  I try to be in the first wave of runners through the race expo so I have a large selection of race related apparel at the runDisney booth.  Last September, I traveled to California for the Disneyland Half Marathon (and to receive my Coast to Coast medal).  I bought my first race jacket  (above left) and matching teal tee shirt.  At the Princess race this year I was lucky enough to get this wonderful cross body Dooney Bag and another jacket and shirt.  The jackets are great to wear to the gym and of course the Disney logos make them super cute!

Race shirts from 2011 Princess half, 2012 Chip 'n Dale Marathon Relay, 2011 Disneyland half, 2012 Princess half

For all the Disney races, a shirt is part of your race packet.  Above are my four shirts from my races at Disney.  My favorite is probably the Chip and Dale marathon relay shirt, since that race was for one year only.  I do hope runDisney reconsiders and brings that back.  It was a blast!



  1. I bought that same jacket at the Disneyland Half and I love it!

  2. @Jaime, I think the jackets are some of the best gear! But really, I'm a sucker for anything at the expo (Christine)