June 8, 2012

Running Skirt or Shorts....What is your pleasure?

I have only worn running shorts or compression capris/pants for my races or training runs. Each time I look at the skirts in my local running store, I mentally talk myself out of the purchase since I am an older runner. Questions run through my mind about whether it is an appropriate item for me to wear while running around my neighborhood.
They look so comfortable especially with hot summer runs on the horizon. So I may take the plunge and visit Try Sports in Wilmington soon to choose an appropriate model.

Are you a mature runner than runs in a skirt? 



  1. Try a sparkle skirt (www.sparkleskirt.com) for a little flair. You can just get a sparkly cover up to wear over your shorts or capris. You can also get one that has the compression shorts with the skirt. I think you can be any age and rock a skirt!
    Christy P

  2. I actually bought a Champion C9 skirt from Target for $14.99 this week. It has thin compression shorts underneath a lightweight nylon skirt. I tried it for my long run today and loved it!

  3. Shorts come in a wide array of styles, from distressed jean cutoffs to golf shorts, and are a staple in the warm summer months.http://www.apparelnbags.com/champion/index.htm