June 5, 2012

Training Tuesday: Training while on vacation

With summer fast approaching, it is time to plan how you will workout and keep up with your running while on vacation. This past weekend, I attended my niece's high school graduation. For four days, I was away from home and my normal routine. Since this wa a brief trip, my scheduled weekend long run was moved to Wednesday, and I talked one of my niece's into a short tempo run! This is a great option for me since I rarely have anyone to share my runs. I even left my iPod at home so we could talk along the way.

If you are going away for a longer trip, a careful plan to keep up with your running schedule should be considered. In February, I spent several weeks away and then returned to run the Princess Half Marathon. While my race was not a PR, I managed to train intermittently during my 3 week trip, and had a really fun race. It is important to maintain your expectations for race day if you travel during the peak part of your training schedule.


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