June 19, 2012

Training Tuesday....Bike Work

Because I only run three days a week, I cross train three other days and have one rest day. My cross training is usually a 30 minute swim or a bike ride of 45 minutes. I just returned from one of my outdoor bike rides, and after huffing and puffing the last few miles I arrived at home.

 During the end of the ride, I wondered how much my 20 year old Schwinn five speed bike must weigh. So, I pulled my scale into the garage, weighed myself with and without the bike and was shocked to see that my bike weighs 36 pounds. Considering that is more than one third of my total weight, it made me realize that this is indeed a good workout on many levels! Today my ride was just under nine miles and it took me just under 44 minutes. A new lightweight ten speed bike would probably be twice as fast, but I enjoy cruising along on my old bike and enjoy my neighborhood scenery. Don't forget to take a water bottle when you go out for a ride!


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