June 26, 2012

Training Tuesday...Heat and Humidity!

Today I drove to my local college track for speed work. My plan was a mile warmup and then three repeats of 1600 at 8:05 pace. So after my warmup, I knew based on 78 degree temperature and high humidity that I needed to adjust my pace. So I ran my first 1600 in 8:20 knowing that I probably could not complete all three sets. My second was right at 8:18 and that definitely was a struggle. So I completed my workout with two fast sets of 400 at 1:55 and 1:48. Maybe I should be disappointed that I could not run the last 1600, but frankly I was wiped out with the heat.

Adjusting workouts in the heat is really important and I am pleased to have that one over for the week. In the meantime I searched online for tips on running in the summertime. It would be easy to skip outdoor runs altogether, but being able to have heat tolerance is a huge part of your physical fitness. You can read more here.

Next up...tempo run on Thursday!


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