June 16, 2012

Weekend Inspiration

I just returned from a week in paradise (Aruba to be exact) with a dear friend...it gave me plenty of time to think and unwind.  So what's on my brain for this weekend of catching up and regrouping before heading back to work...

1. I did 2 short training runs on our trip and realized I definitely need to upgrade the music on my shuffle!
2. Puppy time!  Other than having my own bed again, I was most excited about seeing my sweet pup...maybe she'll join me on a run this weekend since it's supposed to be cooler in Southeastern VA.
3. The hydrangeas are in full bloom in my yard!  Can't get enough of these beauties!
4. I'm thinking some new sneaks may be in order soon.  I usually like to have an extra pair to break in while I'm training.
5. A chilly beer is just the ticket for a summery weekend. 


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