July 22, 2012

Local Races....do you participate?

Local races can be alot of fun and are a great way to keep race ready for the big races at Disney that we love to run.  The price tag is usually low and you also get to sleep in your own bed the night before you run!

Our first race was the Onelife Fitness Turkey Derby 10K in 2010.  We had already registered for the Princess Half Marathon in February of 2011, so we decided to get a time for corral placement.  We received great swag for this race and as an added bonus, both Christine and I placed in our age groups and received medals.  

I have since run three 5k's and three 10 k's.  One of things I like best about our local races is that many raise money for local charities.   These are my favorite tee shirts below....

This shirt and medal are from the Toys For Tots 10K on Thanksgiving Day 2011.  We donated toys for kids some Marines came to run with the children in the kids race.

This was a fantastic race with many runners in costumes.  My favorite was the Santa and eight reindeer who of course won the prize for best costume.

These last two shirts are from charity races, one for an organization called Big Buddy that helps local kids 6-16 that are at risk and the other for a local farmers market.  I received this cool paperweight for placing first in my age group and also won a $10 raffle to a local running store!

Do you run local races to keep sharp for your big events?



  1. When I first started doing races, I mostly went out of own. Now there's lots of new races popping up all over the place within 30-40 minutes of my house. Since Disney races are the races I want to do the most, I've found a bunch of fun local races to keep travel expenses down to help me save for Disney. :)

  2. Yup! I run pretty much all local races. I still have two small kids - 3.5 & 6.5 yrs old. I ran my first destination race two weeks ago in Vancouver for the Lululemon Seawheeze Half Marathon. Instead of running it with me, the husband stayed home with the girls. For our Disney races next year we are lucky enough to have a family member babysit for us for the weekend.