July 8, 2012

The next Disney artists?

You be the judge...

We went to a nifty little place called Wine and Design for a girl's night.  The concept is you bring your own snacks and beverages and attend a 2 hour class to paint a selected design.  The design for our class was a beach umbrella.  Overall, I think they came out okay, but not great. 
Pam's Painting on the Left, Christine's on the Right.
Christine: Mine certainly won't go over my mantle.  I wish I had been able to pick my colors, because I would have picked softer neutrals to match the decor of my bedroom, which currently needs some art.  I enjoyed monogramming my umbrella, but it required some touch-up after I slopped some black paint when I wasn't being careful.

Pam: Mine is going in my closet, next to my race bling from smaller races (10K and 5K age group medals).  It was a fun night out with friends, but it really was a paint-by-number exercise.  Do look carefully to see if you can find anything unusual about my canvas. :)

We thought it was a fun night out with friends but were disappointed in the steep price ($35 per person), the overcrowding in the studio (close to 40) and the lack of help from the staff.  Cute idea, but maybe a little poorly executed.

Have you ever done something like this? 

Disclaimer: We were not compensated or asked to provide a review by Wine and Design.


  1. I found the "hidden Mickey"!

    1. Yea Big A! You need to come for another race weekend. We have a large group of girls and the Princess will be really fun next year!