July 30, 2012

Running Tanks - the good, the bad, the ugly

With all the running I've been doing this summer, I've beefed up my workout wardrobe, namely tank tops.  I'm a bargain shopper so I've picked up a few from the C9 line by Champion at Target and some randoms from TJ Maxx/Marshall's.  I assumed all tops were made the same.  No, ma'am!

1. The long and lean running tank (pictured below) from the C9 line at Target , which is $14.99, but I'm pretty sure I got it for $12 on sale.  This is my favorite by far.  It's a little more fitted and it doesn't stretch out.  I like racer back tanks a lot especially in the heat. 
My long and lean running tank in "blue"...could there be a less
descrptive color name?!
2. The seamless tank from the C9 line at Target for $19.99, and I'm about 99% sure I got this one on sale as well.  I like the cut of this one best, but if I wear it for a long workout when I sweat a lot, it stays soaked and stretches out a lot!  On one long run, the straps basically stretched so you could see my entire sports bra....no bueno.

3. Nike Legend Tank from Dick's (or other sporting good stores) for $22.  This is the most expensive on my list, and by far my favorite.  I took this pretty gal for a test drive this weekend on a 10 mile run down the Oceanfront and Boardwalk area of Virginia Beach on Sunday morning and it was nearly dry at the end.  Ah-ma-zing!  Very affordable too.  I know what I'll be using my Dick's coupons for.  They also have a gazillion colors.  And my last praise - it's not too long for me as I'm kinda short so this is a common problem and I also like that the neck isn't too tight.  My only complaint...they don't have a pink one. 

4. New Balance tank from TJ Maxx at $15.Unfortunately I don't have the specs on this one (thank you TJ Maxx for removing all the useful info from the New Balance tags).  I like the fit - again, it has a short body and is nice and light for summer runs. 

5. Running Tank from the C9 line at Target.  Now this one is u-g-l-y (you ain't got no alibi!).  Some of the other colors aren't bad, but really neon yellow isn't all that cute unless you're a school crossing guard.  The top is light and loose, but maybe too much so.
Oh yea, you can't miss me!  Also, what is UP with my turned in left knee?  No wonder my knees ache!
My main criteria for a "great" running tank is a good fabric that is light but also wicks away sweat and a comfortable fit.  No one wants to mess with their outfit on a long run.

What are your favorite running tanks?


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