July 21, 2012

Spirit of the Marathon

This week was a little nutty, hence my MIA-ness.  I was so looking forward to having a relaxing evening on Friday after work.  After I got home and greeted the pup, I promptly plopped on the sofa and fell asleep for an hour or so.  After reheating some of my homemade jambalaya leftovers (yum!), I started looking for a movie.  It's been a while since I've actually watched a movie I haven't seen.  I'm totally that girl that re-watches the same movies rather than branching out.  I'm often too tired after work, cooking dinner and working out to invest in a 2 hour movie.  But this Friday night, I was up for it!

I perused my Netflix instant queue and nothing sparked my interest.  So I started browsing through some of the sports movies and stumbled upon the Spirit of the Marathon.  I clicked on it and read the brief synopsis and immediately started it.  It's a documentary of six runners training for and competing in the 2005 Chicago Marathon.  It includes 2 elite runners, experienced marathoners and some first timers.

The movie also features some great commentary from the cream of the crop in running - Katherine Switzer, Paula Radcliffe, Bill Rodgers and a few others.  I'm a bit of a documentary buff to begin with, so the format was enjoyable for me.  I loved some of the discussion on why people run and how it can (and often does) change your life.  For anyone with a passion for running, I highly recommend it.  It's definitely motivational!

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