July 11, 2012

W&D Course Map Update

OMG did you see there's a new course map for Wine and Dine in November?  The primary change is that we finish with a quick jaunt through EPCOT?!?!  I am SO stoked, y'all!  That means we hit three parks on the course - Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and EPCOT.  Amazing! 

It seems like it will be a great high on which to finish the race, which previously ended in a parking lot behind EPCOT.  Big improvement, if you ask me.  I love the moment in the Princes Half when you descend the last overpass and into EPCOT - fabulous. 

As of this evening on the 11th, the race is now 86% full.  I bet with the new course map, registration will take a jump.  If you haven't signed up, get thee to a computer and register now!  While I am excited about the race itself and experiencing a night race at Disney, I am probably equally excited about the finish line party in EPCOT.  Hopefully I'll be feeling great post-race and can indulge in some of the Food and Wine goodies.

I am so looking forward to this race and sharing another runDisney event with our girl group (now 8!!). 


1 comment:

  1. Wow, that is an awesome course! Perhaps next year I will do it, already burning Hubby our with having done Princess, doing Disneyland Half and then 2013 Goofy... Not sure he will want to be at Disney again on his birthday ;) Although I would LOVE to! Have fun!