July 2, 2012

You gotta be

One of the songs that I've always liked is Des'ree's You Gotta Be.  As I was driving home from my vacation a few weeks ago, I started contemplating downloading this to add to my running mix.  So many of the words resonated for all of the qualities that one needs to make it through a race, a training run, heck maybe even a basic workday!

You gotta be bad - As in bad a$$!  Not just anyone can run a half marathon.  I learned that the first time around; it's hardcore!

You gotta be bold - Simply registering for a long race can be daunting, especially the first one! 

You gotta be tough - Isn't this obvious?! 

You gotta be calm - In trying moments in a long race, it can be challenging to keep your mental cool.  For me, those are the moments to find a REALLY good song on my ipod and try to get back in the zone. 

You gotta stick together - give you fellow runners a pick me up.  Yell a cheer or grab someone struggling.  In my last 10k, I found another guy wearing the same color as me (neon yello) and told him to race me to the finish...he beat me for sure, but it gave me a good goal! 

On a totally unrelated note, We Run Disney will be reunited this week for the 4th!  We're looking forward to doing some training runs together!


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