August 13, 2012

AM or PM?

This is a topic that definitely intrigues me...what's your preferred time of day for working out?  I know that for most, this will largely be dictated by external factors - work hours, family commitments and the like.  While I don't have children (except for my wild and crazy Shaggy dog), I do have a demanding job that also entails a pretty long commute.  I very diligently plan out my workouts based on my work schedule and personal commitments each Sunday night.  I often consider if I have a late afternoon/evening meeting or how many consecutive workouts I've had to figure out when I'm going to work out.

If given a blank slate each day, I would most certainly pick a morning workout routine.  I'm usually less likely to skip a workout and I like getting it out of the way.  I typically hit the gym 2 days a week in the morning.  This usually includes speed work and cross training.  And you may gasp when you learn I'm here when they open at 5AM.  You see, I leave the house for work between 6:45 and 7AM to beat the tunnel traffic (yup, I drive through one of those each day) and so I can also get into work before most of my team....I like a little quiet time before the office gets busy.  So you can imagine that this creates a bit of a morning crunch for me.  I can really only squeeze in an hour long workout, at the maximum, so that I can get home in time to shower, feed the pup, get ready, grab some coffee and run out the door to try to beat the AM rush hour.

Conversely, if I workout in the evenings, I often don't hit the gym until 7:00 or so.  I usually get home around 5:30 or 6 and spend some time with the dog, get settled and all that before I head back out.  This, of course, means that I don't eat dinner until about 9:00, thus moving my bed time back later than it should be, meaning I'm too tired to hit the gym in the morning....wait, what just happened?  Did my whole workout routine just get interrupted because of the timing of another workout?  Sigh...the life of a runner/consultant  How do you manage your training schedule?


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  1. Morning! Without a doubt! I do my two mile runs and cross training at 5:30am every morning. I do my "medium" runs (4-6 mile) on Wednesday evenings and HATE it! I sit all day at work. Combine that with being tired and I am so uncomfortable! My favorite runs are my long 6-8 miles) runs on Saturday morning. As long as it is not incredibly hot, I sleep in until about 7 and enjoy the run!