August 18, 2012

Bondibands....I love them!

Do you run with a bondiband?  I discovered these only within the last 6 months and love running in them.

 My collection is small, but I intend to fix that problem at the Expo for the Rock and Roll Half marathon in Virginia Beach early next month.  My eye is on several of the fashion headbands, specifically the red with white dots and the hot pink with white dots.  As you may have guessed, Christine and I will be dressing up  as little Minnie's for our next race. We have two skirts, one pink   and one red so we will probably just get both headbands.  My favorite so far is the blue one from the  Princess Half in February.  The lettering was a perfect match with my lime green running shirt.          

Do you wear headbands or hats when you run?


Disclaimer:  I received no compensation or goods from Bondiband for this post.

1 comment:

  1. I love my bondiband too! I got one with a four leaf clover on it before my first 1/2 marathon (the Shamrock 1/2 in VA Beach!).