August 31, 2012

New Reading Material for this Runner Girl!

While at the Glasgow, Scotland airport waiting for our flight earlier this week, I perused the magazine stand and found the following:

I thought it would be fun to read about women's running from the British perspective to see what new ideas I could find.  They have terrific runners such as Paula Radcliffe, and Kelly Holmes to name a few.  The magazine is jam packed with interesting articles from coaching tips, last-minute half-marathon training tips and nutrition.  The story about 7 simple superfoods (sweet potatoes, wholegrain cereal, watercress, salmon, beetroot, bananas and quinoa) was especially useful for me.  I try to eat a healthy diet, but processed foods sometimes get in the way!  There are some delicious sounding recipes at the back of the magazine such as char grilled chicken in pita with salad (mixed greens).  However, I will need a conversion chart since the quantities are all listed in metric.

Today I made a trip to the book store to see if I could find a marathon training book.  After spending at least 30 minutes looking at all the options, this was my choice:

Hopefully I will be able to complete the Goofy challenge in January with a combination plan of Galloway and Higdon.  This book should give me additional insight into my daily workout schedule as well as nutrition and relaxation.  Do you have favorite running books that you could recommend?


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