August 29, 2012

Princess Bling

The medals are a big part of the race experience.  I love my Princess medals!  After receiving my first medal, I immediately knew I was going to hang it on my necklace hanger (which is actually a tie rack) in my closet. 
As you can imagine, I'm in and out of my closet at least once each day, so I've tried hard to make it cozy and enjoyable, despite the fact that it is a mini walk-in and is crammed with clothes!

On top of my tie rack jewelry hanger, I have a small vase that I was given as a gift and a little frame with "Dream big" on scrapbook paper. 

Just a little something extra and decorative to make the closet feel a little more homey.  And now to the important things...

The bling!  I love it!

The main difference in the two medals is that 2011's had a grosgrain, embroidered ribbon, while 2012's is a satin, stamped ribbon.  I like the embroidery a bit better, but I definitely prefer the purple ribbon - my favorite color!

I don't know about you, but I haven't really gotten into the pin trading at Disney.  I always enjoy looking at the pins, but it's never been a hobby.  It's expensive for one, and just something I don't really need.  That being said, my dear Aunt surprised me after the 2011 Princess with this adorable pink Mickey ears pin with a gold crown.  I love the way it looks on the green ribbon (pink and green are my fav color combo) and it was really thoughtful!

At the 2012 Princess expo, they had the race pins with the race gear, so Mom and I picked them up.  And she surprised me with the princess pin to go on the medal ribbon as well.  I really like having the pins on the ribbon to jazz it up a bit more...not that it really needs it though! 

With all the races on my agenda, I may need to upgrade to a real medal hanger and include the ones from other races as well. 

And then there's always the moment to cherish when it's around your neck post-race!  Where do you display your medals?



  1. Omg, I'm not into the pin trading AT ALL and even I got sucked into collecting the race pins, lol! I have one from every Disney race except the Chip n Dale relay because it wasn't offered. For some of the races, I even have more than one.

    I'm currently trying to figure out what to do with my medals. I have at least 20 now, so I'm thinking of using a curtain rod or towel rack with cute shower curtain hooks. A friend of mine hung hers on the wall above her bed and she said that they rattle every time the air conditioner comes on! So, if you hang them, make sure it's not in the flow of an air vent! ;)

    1. Oh, and I definitely liked the embroidered neck ribbon, too. I did Princess in 2011. I would have loved embroidered purple!

  2. Jamie,
    Since there was no pin offered for the Chip and Dale, I bought a really cute one of the two little chipmunks. But I am like Christine, I only buy race pins, not for trading. I have put my Disney medals in a prominent spot near my desk and my other race medals are in my closet on a hook near my training clothes. Love the Disney medals!

  3. I got a medal hanger from Allied Medal Displays - mine says "My Race Bling". I love it! I have 2 corkboards hanging above with my bib numbers, ads for Disney races and other inspirational stuff on there. I love looking at it all as the bib numbers and medals grow!
    Jodi (