August 24, 2012

Race Bibs

What do you do with your race bibs?  Most of mine sit in a file folder in my desk, but I have one special one on display in my office.  I also have affectionately named my office my "I heart me" room in my home.  I have some of my race paraphernalia and some awards on display.  It's a cozy little nook that I really love and reflects my life. 

After the 2011 Princess and my ridiculous ordeal, I wasn't sure what to do with my bib.  I thought about shoving it in a drawer, never to be seen again.  But then I decided I wanted to be reminded of my mini personal triumph in that race.  But how best to display it?

I dug through my stack of unused picture frames and ran across an old document frame that fit the size of the bib.  I "matted" the bib on plain white card stock and put it in the frame.  Then I needed a home for it...why my office bookcase of course!

 It's the perfect spot.  I see it every time I'm in the office and with it being a large frame, it's bookcase home means it doesn't intrude on counter or table space.  It's nestled in between my books, and other meaningful mementos including a photo of my sorority sisters at our college graduation, a paperweight from the mother of two children to whom I taught swimming for an entire summer and a Junior League award I won.  I love the race bib hangers I've seen on etsy but this seems to suit my current decor best. 


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