August 26, 2012

Race Day Prep

The Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon is exactly one week away.  And so is the Disneyland Half Marathon.  Labor day seems to be a big weekend for "destination" races.  And with a week to go until our debut on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, I'm hunkering down to be prepped and ready to go.  Race prep is individual for everyone, so I'm sure my plan may not work for you.  But regardless of your mantra, I figured I would share how I get ready for a race.

1. Early to bed, early to rise.  I pay extra attention to getting enough sleep by setting an early bedtime for the entire week before the race and continuing to get up early.  As we all know, those race morning alarms are usually painfully early!

2. Lay off the sauce.  I stay away from alcohol and a lot of caffeinated beverages.

3. You are what you eat.  I pay special attention to my diet and focus on lots of "good" carbs, lean protein and plenty of fruits and vegetables.  I try to cut out what I call "crappy calories" like snack foods and sweets.

4. Routine.  On race mornings, I will have tested my outfit and my pre-race food and drink.  I don't want to learn that something about my outfit bugs me or my breakfast upsets my stomach.

5. Get your affairs in order.  I review all the race information thoroughly and print any of the documents I need for the race expo.  Sometimes the expos have a print station, but who wants to wait in an extra line?!  Not this girl...

6. Pump up the jam.  I usually download a few new songs just for the race to add some diversity to my play list and as a little treat to keep me pumped throughout the race.

7. Chill out.  Do something that will put you at ease the night before the race.  Watch a movie, review your race plan, take another look at the race course, watch YouTube videos of the race, etc.  I like to watch videos of all the Disney races since they're usually so upbeat and there are tons of them online.

Happy racing,


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