August 10, 2012

Random musings on a training run

Thursday night I was scheduled for a 5 mile tempo run.  I got home from work and just felt pretty lazy.  (I'm not gonna lie, it's been an exhausting few weeks at work, so I generally feel like putting my feet up, opening some wine and plopping myself on the couch once I get home.)  It was one of the first evenings without rain and insane heat in a while so I figured a nice outdoor run was perfect.  I chilled out for a bit, read my mail, paid a few bills and the like.  At around 6:30, I set out on my run and had a few observations...

1. I opted to run without my watch and instead used the My RunKeeper app on my iPhone to "coach" me on my run, walk intervals (4:1).  It was nice to be a little more carefree and be running without regard to pace.

My thoughts on this run...
2. I hadn't been out for a run in the evening outside in a while for various reasons - weather, timing, laziness...  I find that running outside is always more refreshing and a bit cathartic, which I greatly enjoy after a long day at the office.  

3. I'm a very consistent 10 mm pacer.  I can run a flat 10 mm in my sleep.  So I was quite surprised to see that after my first mile when I twisted my head to read my iPhone and see that I was running an 8:30 pace.  Holy smokes!  What is going on here?  No wonder I was tired.  For the rest of the run, my pace was all over the map and I had the fatigue to prove it.  Although this did make me wonder if I was finally starting to improve my pace even if my run was pretty erratic that night.

4. Yowzers, I under-estimated the heat!  I ran out of water after a mile and a half.  

5. Hmmm...housing half a bag of Goldfish for my pre-run snack was probably a bad idea.  But on the flip side, I learned that my dog, Paddy, also loves the Parmesan flavor. 

6. I really don't do well with a headband to hold my hair back.  They always seem to slide right off my head. :(  I really need to try a Bondi band someday.

7. Even if it didn't feel hot at first, it most definitely was!  Next time I'll be more prepared with more fluids.



  1. I've definitely had runs like that! I would highly recommend a Bondi Band or one of the headbands with the velvet/velour backing. I've tried all other types (even the brand name ones that promise not to slip) and the only ones that work for me to stay in place are Bondi Bands or the velvet/velour backed kind. Happy running!

  2. Amy from Pumpkin to Princess (blog) is selling some bondi bands in order to help raise money! Check her out for Bondi Bands!

  3. @Deb - That's what everyone tells me. Since I cut my hair short earlier this year, I've had a hard time keeping it back in a reasonable ponytail and every headband I try either slips off or gives me a headache.

    @Stephanie - awesome, I will head over there shortly. Thanks for the tip!