August 31, 2012

Rock 'n Roll VB Expo - Part 1

We planned to hit the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon Expo in Virginia Beach on Friday as we figured it would be less crowded and we would get first pick of all the merchandise...definitely one of the best parts of the race experience!  We arrived about 40 minutes after it opened and easily got through registration to get our bibs and whatnot and then it was onto the fun stuff.

We perused the race merchandise and settled on the cute "rock on" tanks in a light purple color.  I decided to try out one of the famous Moving Comfort sports bras and then we were into the main part of Expo (all the race merchandise was in its own section before you got to the vendor booths).

Well, I can dream about this time...for now, the finish line will do!
We walked through every booth and were quite pleased to see a very manageable crowd.  We were able to spend time with all the booth workers and learn about various products, play games and chat about the upcoming race.

Almost the same time as Pam's PR!

One of our favorite booths was PF Chang's.  Apparently the dragon "runs" in select Rock and Roll races and if you beat him, you win free lettuce wraps.  The guys we spoke with said the dragon ran a 2:05 in San Diego so we're not so sure we'll be getting those lettuce wraps!

Too bad this is blurry, but still cute!
Much to our delight, we scored some pretty awesome swag.  We couldn't decide if it was the expo itself or just because it was the first day and pretty empty.  But regardless, we were psyched!  When we got home, we went through our bags and realized we forgot about most of the fun goodies.  Check it out!

Seriously, check that out!!  Here's a run down of what we picked up, all for FREE, as we walked the Expo floor.
We left with lots of excitement about the race on Sunday and tired shoulders from carrying all of our loot!  In our nex post, all about our fun at the runDisney booth!