August 6, 2012

Running through London

I woke up bright and early yesterday morning to watch the women run the marathon in the London 2012 Olympics. They're fast! I have to admit that I always forget just how fast they are.  In any case, I was thinking how fun city races are in terms of a fun and exciting course. I've never done a city race per say and that is definitely on my list.

Back to's one of my favorite cities, at least of those I've had the opportunity to visit. I was lucky enough to get to meet my parents there while my Dad was working in England. In this London race, they run by so many of the best sites in the city so I figured we would share some of our favorite London memories and things to do.


Buckingham Palace and Victoria Monument: While you can't see the entire palace, it is definitely worth the wait to tour it.  It's typically closed certain parts of the year, so you'll definitely want to check a tour book if this is on your list. 

London Eye: It's expensive and amazing at night when you can see the city lit up.

Tower Bridge: This bridge is as gorgeous in person (maybe moreso) as it is on TV. 

Tower of London: By far my favorite site in London.  The ravens that roam the grounds are really intriguing and the jewels (of course!) are incredible. 

Hmmm now I'm day dreaming about my next vacation.  London calling...

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