August 23, 2012

Sensing a run

I had a really crummy day at work today and was aching to get outside into the (cooler) sunshine all day and hit the pavement a bit and clear my head.  I got in a nice 3 mile run this evening after I got home and settled down a bit.  As I was taking in my neighborhood, I realized that summer is waning and I decided to make every effort to take it in.

The sights:

  • Bunnies hopping between yards
  • Fireflies dotting the landscape
  • Freshly planted rose bushes in my neighbor's yard
The smells:
  • The creek behind some of the houses was extra stinky
  • Honeysuckle - yum!
The sounds:
  • The bugs in the trees at night...even though I hate bugs, that sound is soothing
  • Lawnmowers franticly trimming before the weekend
  • 3 little girls stopping me to ask if I'm running a marathon (melt!).  And of course I told them all about the Princess.  One of them ran inside to tell her Mom about it.  

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